Saturday, 30 January 2016

Kostas Neofitidis

Inspired by his travels to Asia – particularly Thailand – Kostas’ vibrant world is a reflection of exploding colours and forms. The individual abstract dimensions and characters of the eclectic murals slowly reveal themselves once viewed closer and into focus – continuing to inspire audiences with every new glance.

Describing the collection, Kostas explains that ‘Kota lives happily on a magical beach, submerged underwater, looking at life in a positive way’. Kostas portrays the charmed depiction of paradise through his latest textile range consisting of individual art panels which are printed on woven canvas. When hung appropriately, the vivacity of colour entwines, dances and energises the entire mural. Combining to create a positive outlook on life and to represent Kostas’ unique and exuberant style.
Kostas personal journey into art is an interesting one, too. Originally an architect, Kostas emerged from the Cyprus nightlife as an iconic figure, owning some of the most revered clubs, bars and restaurants. Although architecture remains a large part of his life, his primary passion of the Kota Collection now holds most of his attention. Alongside the new colourful motifs, the Kota Collection includes hand-woven silk carpets, t-shirts and a dinnerware selection. 

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