Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Next Black: A Film About The Future of Clothing

With the objective of anticipating future washing needs and contributing to making the clothing industry more sustainable, The Next Black is a 45-minute documentary that explores the future of clothing, produced by home appliance manufacturer AEG together with production company House of Radon. Some of the most innovative companies express their opinions on clothing and its future whilst answering questions such as: Will the mass consumption of clothing continue to escalate? Or will we return to creating quality and caring about what we wear? Will the future be centered around smart clothing and new technologies? Or will we find innovation within organic and traditional methods?

The progressive people that are answering these questions include Rick Ridgeway, environmentalist, mountaineer and Vice President of Environmental Initiatives at Patagonia one of the most sustainable companies in the fashion industry,Nancy Tilbury, co-founder and director of Studio XO, a company that specializes in the area where fashion meets technology, Matt Hymers, project manager of Team Elite System, one of adidas’ latest inventions (who demonstrates the system of woven sensors in the shirt that send real-time data of the players’ performance), Suzanne Lee, the founder of Biocouture Ltd, which works with materials grown from living organisms and lastly, Sophie Mather, Innovation Director of the Yeh Group which has pioneered a new way to dye clothes using zero water.


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